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2012 / NO.1
2012 / NO.1
English Communication Proficiency Training Courses for Sports Management Staff and Athletes

With the continued development of sports in Macao, there have been increasing opportunities for management staff and athletes to participate in conferences, competitions and exchange visits abroad. In order to improve their English proficiency to facilitate exchanges with other regions as well as to learn the latest techniques in the field of sports, plus to gain experience in training, competition and management, the Macao Sport Development Board arranged English communication proficiency training courses for members of the Sports Commission, the management staff of local sports associations, and athletes of local sports teams through the MPI-Bell Centre of English located in the Macao Polytechnic Institute. The courses were held with the aim of improving their English communication skills, as well as broaden their capacity for development.

The training course finished its registration, placement test and admission phases by the beginning of February. The participants were admitted and placed in different classes according to their proficiency in English. The six-month course kicked off in the first half of February.

The Macao Sport Development Board pledged to encourage the management staff, coaches and athletes to participate and further their professional skills through a range of training programs. Not only were the courses introduced with the purpose of enhancing their professional knowledge and skills, but also to further promote the sustainable development of sports in Macao.