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2012 / NO.1
2012 / NO.1
“Macao Bowling Youth Academy” Selection Day

Bowling is one of the more popular sports played by young people in Macao. To promote the development of bowling in Macao, as well as nurture young bowling players, the Macao Sport Development Board and the Macao China Bowling Association held a “Macao Bowling Youth Academy Selection Day” on February 19th at the Bowling Centre.

The experienced coaches appointed by the Macao China Bowling Association divided the participants by age and tested their physical fitness, sense of direction and coordination. The coaches selected young players with potential to receive systematic training based on their performances that day, with the aim of building up a larger reserve body of talented bowlers.

The event was warmly welcomed by parents and young people alike and some 100 young bowlers signed up for the trials. Many parents showed up at the activity to cheer for their children, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.