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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
Chio Weng U : Endeavor to Make Progress

Chio Weng U, who became the champion in both U17 women's singles and U19 women's doubles in the All Macau Junior Elite Badminton Championship 2019, will return to Macao Team. In the past, she competed in the World Junior Badminton Championships and Asian Junior Badminton Championships representing Macao. 

Chio Weng U was found to have talents in badminton by her PE teacher when she was a fourth-grader. At the beginning, she only regarded badminton as an interesting sport for leisure. Later, after training for a period of time, she took part in some competitions and gained remarkable results. Since then, she became a real enthusiast in badminton.

At the age of 16 this year, she has certain advantage in height. She also performs better in the backcourt, but her weaknesses are her inflexible movements and weak fitness. Therefore, in matches, she always cannot follow her opponents' pace. Having learned about her weaknesses, she improves herself by focusing on overcoming these weaknesses. Finally, she won two champion titles in the Macao Junior Championships and was qualified to be part of the team again.

The most unforgettable match in her career was the one against a player from Sri Lanka, whom she encountered when she competed on behalf of Macao for the first time. At that time, she was defeated by a landslide. In the following year, she encountered the same opponent again in the World Junior Championships and was defeated again eventually because of her weak fitness. However, this match enabled her to see how much progress she had made and be more confident in herself.

Chio Weng U, who is about to return to the team, hopes to compete in more international events on behalf of Macao and exchange experience with contestants from different countries to improve herself.