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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
Leong Ka Him – A Volleyball Player Striving for Continuous Self-improvement

Leong Ka Him, who has just completed his high-school studies and is ready for university, has already been playing volleyball for more than six years. Over the recent years, he competed in a number of competitions representing Macao, including the 13th National Games of China, The 3rd Asian Men's U23 Volleyball Championship, Men's U19 Volleyball Championships of the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Arafura Games, accumulating a lot of practical experience.

When Leong Ka Him was a primary school student, he learned volleyball in interest classes and summer holiday activities and soon became enthusiastic in this sport. He stated that he enjoyed the sense of achievement which he got by scoring with smashes near the net. Meanwhile, he also learned a lot as he was devoted to training and competitions. For example, he learned to be responsible, self-confident and persistent.

At the beginning, Leong was the second spiker in his school team. Until his middle school years, when he was gradually promoted to be the chief spiker of the team, as he worked hard constantly and was instructed by his coach. The most unforgettable experience for him over the years is that two days before Group C final of his last inter-school volleyball championship, he got injured in his finger and could not compete. When the team was lagging behind in the first match, he asked his coach to give him a chance to compete and finally he reversed the situation and led the team to defeat the opponent despite the injury. Since this victory, Him determined to regard volleyball as his future career. After that, he worked even harder during training and consolidated his basic skills. Eventually, he became the chief spiker in his own efforts and capabilities.

Leong Ka Him, who is about to begin his university life, stated that he would not give up on volleyball and would continue to gain opportunity to compete in various competitions representing Macao.