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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
Enjoying Sports with the Disabled to Promote Inclusions with the Disabled to Promote Inclusion

The“Sports Day for the Persons with Disablities 2019”, hosted by the Sports Bureau in association with the Macao-China Paralympic Committee Macao-China Recreation and Sports Association for the Disabled, the Macao Special Olympics and the Macao Sports Association of the Deaf, took place in the indoor stadium and table tennis room at the Macao Olympic Sports Centre on April 14, attracting around 1500 participants in total.

On the Sports Day, there were stalls for activities including table tennis matches, eight sports and recreational activities and three fitness test areas. The disabled, their families and other residents can enjoy themselves in sports together, so that the disabled can be more active in getting involved in sports activities and be more aware of their health.

The organizers expected that through the Sports Day, the disabled were supported and encouraged to engage in physical exercise to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Meanwhile, it also provided an exchange platform for the disabled and the healthy, so that the general public could be more concerned about and have greater understanding of the disabled. By having a stronger bond with the healthy, the disabled can be better included and the idea of “disability inclusion” can be promoted.