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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Junior Wushu Team Exhibits Strength

  The Asian Wushu Junior Championships was held in the Gumi City, South Korea from 17 to 20 September. The Wushu General Association of Macau sent a delegation of 12 athletes to join the championships. Eventually, Cheong Ioi Chit, Wong Sam In, and Han Soi Wa won the champion in Group A, B, and C respectively. The delegation finally achieved the result of 3 golds, 1 silver and 5 bronzes.

  The Macao Wushu team won medals in both individual and group events in the championships this year. Cheong Ioi Chit won a gold medal in the Male A southern broadsword, and Male A southern boxing. Wong Sam In was awarded a gold medal in the Female B southern boxing and a bronze medal in the Female B southern cudgel. Han Soi Wa won a gold medal in the Male C spear event. In addition, the team composed of Cheong Ioi Chit, Chin Ka Hou, Lei Cheok Ieong, Chan Seng Fai, Han Soi Wa, Wong Sam In, Wong Weng Ian, Lao Un Kei, and Kuok Wai Meng won a silver medal in the collective event. Chin Ka Hou won two bronzes in Male B sword and spear. Chan Seng Fai won a bronze medal in the Male C in the Changquan event.

  The delegation returned to Macao on the 21st in triumph. They were received and congratulated by the Wushu General Association and their parents. Cheong Ioi Chit, who won 1 gold 1 bronze after being upgraded to Group A, stated, “I'm very happy that I could win a gold medal for Macao. The Taolu became more difficult after I've been upgraded to Group A, but my performance was better than that in previous years. I also improved my mentality during the contest.”

  Wong Sam In, who also won 1 gold 1 bronze, said, “The southern boxing event happened very late. I was almost the last one competing in the arena, and I felt more stressed. Before I went to the arena, I listened to music and tried to relax. Finally, I could perform at the same level as I had done during training. I'm very happy about that.”