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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Wong Chon Wa Wins Gold in Southern Broadsword inWorld Championships

  The 14th World Wushu Championships was hosted in Kasan, Russia from 28 September to 3 October. Although there were fewer events and awards this year, there were more participating countries and regions. The Macao Wushu team achieved a brilliant result of 1 gold, 3 silvers, and 3 bronzes despite the intensive competitions. Wong Chon Wa, who won a gold medal, stated, “The opponents are strong this year, but we have performed our best. We pursued performing not only without mistakes but also in gaining full marks. We do not want the judges to deduct our marks in any way.”

Macao Wins 1 Gold 3 Silvers and 3 Bronzes

  Despite intensive competitions, Macao athletes tried their very best. Eventually, Wong Chon Wa in the Taolu event, and Choi Fei Long in the Sanda event won in the Grand Final. Wong Chon Wa, who first got a silver medal in southern boxing, also won the first gold for Macao in the southern broadsword event. Choi Fei Long fought hard in the 75-kg Sanda and won a silver medal. Cheong Pui Seng won a silver medal in Xingyi Quan. Chio Wai Keong, Li Yi/Sou Cho Man and Li Yi also won bronzes in double broadsword, combat, and long fist, respectively. Ultimately, the Macao team were awarded 1 gold 3 silvers and 3 bronzes.

  Choi Fei Long, a 17-year-old youth athlete, finally ended his “desperation for medals” in Sanda in the World Championships which had persisted for six years. It is more meaningful that the bronze medal in the Sanda event in the World Championships six years ago was awarded to his brother, Choi Leong Sim. For this “secession”, Choi Fei Long said, “As my brother kept encouraging me, I won a medal again for the Sanda team six years after he did.”

  Iao Chon In, coach of the Wushu Taolu team, and Chon Chi Kin, coach of the Sanda team, were very satisfied with the results this year. Iao Chon In even said that he was “moved” to conclude what he felt about the Championships. He stated, “The contests this year were very tough, as the contestants had improved a lot compared to the past. When we had not won any gold medals yet, we insisted in the hope that we could achieve a good result for the SAR. As we encouraged one another, that determination moved me a lot”.