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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Egyptian Athletes Awarded Champions in Macao Squash Open

  The "Macao Squash Open 2017", hosted by Macau Squash Association, took place from 19 to 24 September. Having gone through wonderful contests within six consecutive days, Egyptian athletes Mohamed Abouelghar and Nouran Gohar beat the opponents and won the champion in the men's and women's group respectively.

  The final, which was supposed to be held at the squash court of Amizade Square, took place at the squash court in the Bowling Centre instead due to the disruption by rain. In the women's final, Joelle King, the New Zealand player who won champion last year, competed against the second best Egyptian player, Nouran Gohar. In the first round, Joelle King led by 7:4, while Nouran Gohar made offenses in the later stage and won the first round by 13:11. In the second round, Nouran Gohar continued her pursuit for victory and won again by 11:8. In the third round, Joelle King led by 10:9 at the beginning, but Nouran Gohar, who exhibited her strength in the later stage, scored three points consecutively and won by 12:0. She won the champion of the women's group by the ratio 3:0 in terms of rounds.

  The situation of the men's final was one-sided. Mohamed Abouelghar from Egypt beat Ghosal from India in three consecutive rounds, by 11:1, 11:4 and 11:4, and was awarded the champion of the men's group.

  Macao, as the host city, sent 3 male and 1 female players to participate in the event. Both Liu Tsun Man and Ou Man Wai from the men's group were eliminated in the qualifiers, Wan Keng Hei who joined the primary rounds with a wild card, failed to challenge the players at a higher level. He lost to the Egyptian player Mohamed Abouelghar. Liu Kuai Chi, from the women's group competed against Hong Kong player Au Weng Chi, who ranks 10th in the world, lost all three rounds.