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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Choi Sut Ian and Choi Sut Kuan were Awarded Bronze Medal in Asian Cup Diving Championship

The 7th Asian Cup Diving Championship, authorized by the Asia Swimming Federation, hosted by the Swimming Association of Macao, China and sponsored by the Sports Bureau, was held in Macao for the first time. It took place from 16 to 18 June at the Aquatic Centre of the Olympic Sports Centre located in Taipa.
Having the advantage of being the home team, the “Sisters Combination” Choi Sut Ian and Choi Sut Kuan from the Macao team participated in the women's double 3-meter board event. There were also "twins" contestants joining the same event - Xia Yujie and Xia Bingqing from the China team, who maintained their high-level performance all throughout the competition. The Xia combination and the combination from Malaysia - Cheong Jun Hoong and Sabini were awarded a gold medal and a silver medal respectively.
Eventually, Choi Sut Ian and Choi Sut Kuan overcame pressure and scored 251.78 in total after five jumps, being awarded a bronze medal. Choi Sut Ian, who has achieved her dream of winning awards in all the Asian diving events in her 16-year diving career, said, “It was not the first time I won a medal in the Asian Cup, but this bronze medal means something different for me. Since the event was hosted in Macao, I felt happier receiving the award.”
China's “Dream Team”, despite currently being restructured, still seemed invincible. After wining all 7 gold medals from the competitions held on the first two days, they swept the champions in all other five events in total, men's 1-meter board, women's 10-meter platform, men's double 3-meter board, and the newly added mixed double 3-meter board and mixed double 10-meter platform. They swept all 12 gold medals this year, outperforming all other teams and becoming the big winners once again.

The 7th Asian Cup Diving Championship - Results
Events Champion Runner-up Second Runner-up
Men’s 1-meter board Liu Chengming (China) Chen Linhai
Ooi Tze Liang (Malaysia)
Women’s 1-meter board Liu Huixia (China) Sabini (Malaysia) Cheong Jun Hoong (Malaysia)
Men’s 3-meter board Chen Linhai (China) Tai Xiaohu (China) Ooi Tze Liang (Malaysia)
Women’s 3-meter board Xu Zhihuan (China) Qu Lin (China) Sabini (Malaysia)
Men’s double 3-meter board Chen Linhai/ Liu Chengming (China) Ooi Tze Liang/
Chew Yi Wei (Malaysia)
Timothy LEE/
Mark LEE (Singapore)
Women’s double 3-meter board Xia Bingqing/ Xia Yujie (China) Sabini/ Cheong Jun Hoong (Malaysia) Choi Sut Ian/ Choi Sut Kuan (Macao, China)
Mixed double 3-meter board Qu Lin/ Yang Ling (China) Dai An/ Sabini (Malaysia) Joshua CHONG/
Ashlee TAN (Singapore)
Men’s 10-meter platform Tai Xiaohu (China) Yang Ling (China) Chew Yi Wei (Malaysia)
Women’s 10-meter platform Liu Xin (China) Zhang Rui (China) Du Jidi (Malaysia)
Men’s double 10-meter platform Yang Ling/
Cao Lizhi
Jonathan CHAN(Singapore)
Women’s double 10-meter platform Zhang Rui/ Liu Xin (China) Leong Mun Yee/
Du Jidi (Malaysia)
Freida LIM/
Myra LEE (Singapore)
Mixed double 10-meter platform Xia Yujie/
Cao Lizhi (China)
Jonathan CHAN/
Freida LIM (Singapore)
BONG (Malaysia)