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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Lei Tak Man and Choi Kit Fan Broke into Four Best Contestants in Asian Bowling Tour

The Macau China Bowling Association hosted the 2017 Macau China International Tenpin Bowling Open from 16 to 24 June in the Cotai Bowling Center and the Asian Bowling Tour (Macao) on the 25 June. The championships attracted near 300 local and foreign players, who aimed to win prize money amounting to over MOP 350,000. The championships this year was broadcast in places including mainland China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Russia via MASTV satellite.
Throughout the Macao China International Tenpin Bowling Open, which lasted for nine days, Syafiq Ridhwan and Najwa from Malaysia were honored as the best male and female player respectively. Ma Sai Hang, the only contestant from the Macao team who made it to the elimination rounds, performed well. He won the bronze medal in the Men's Open Category. After the competitions, he said, “I have performed my best, but the injuries of my fingers may have affected my performance.”
As for the competitions of the Asian Bowling Tour in Macao, several Macao players, who were qualified to compete in the Tour, competed separately. Lei Tak Man from the Men's Category broke through the preliminaries against many other strong players. Choi Kit Fan from the Women's Category also broke through the preliminaries successfully. Both were part of the four best players. Lei and Choi completed the rounds by ranking the fourth and third place respectively. They gained enough points that would allow them to compete in the Grand Final of the Asian Tour at the end of the year. Ang Hsien Loong from Malaysia and Putty from Indonesia won the champion in the Men's Category and the Women's Category respectively.
Lei Tak Man, who stopped proceeding further after breaking into the four best players, said, “Being among the four best players was the objective which I set for myself. I am satisfied with my overall performance, but I can do better, of course.” In addition, Choi Kit Fan, when competing against other players among the ‘best eight’, won against another contestant from Macao, Sou Weng Si. However, Choi was then defeated by the second best player from Korea, Lee Young Seong, and failed to qualify to compete in the final. Nonetheless, with the score of 202, Choi could still win against another contestant among the best four and won the third place.