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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Universiade Li Yi won Two Gold Medals for Macao

The 29th Universiade was held in Taipei from 19 to 30 August. Li Yi from the Macao Wushu Team was the only athlete awarded two gold medals, actualizing Macao's dream of achieving a “breakthrough from zero” in the Universiade. As the Macao athlete delegation came back to Macao on 30 August, the President of the Sports Bureau Pun Weng Kun and Vice President Lao Cho Un welcomed the athletes for their victory.
Afflicted by Typhoon Hato, the Wushu Team had not had sufficient time to prepare for this fight, but even under this circumstance Li Yi still could make a breakthrough. In the women's changquan event, she scored 9.51 for her highly stiff, stable and smooth performance with nearly zero flaws, winning against the contestants from Russia and Japan and winning the gold medal. This medal was the first gold awarded to the Macao China athlete delegation since they participated in the Universiade. Two days later, Li Yi also scored 9.55 and 9.58 respectively in the women's spear and all-rounded sword events, ranking the first in both categories. With the total score of 19.13, she won against the Korean contestant and was awarded the second gold medal for both herself and the delegation.
During the Games, Macao was affected by Typhoon Hato. Always concerned with Macao, Li Yi stated, “Affected by the typhoon we almost could not arrive in Taipei on time when we set off. Concerned with Macao, we should also perform professionally in the Games. We hoped that with these gold medals we could cheer for Macao residents who did their utmost to reconstruct their places after the disaster!”
In the Games this year, 7639 athletes from 144 countries and regions participated in 22 events in total. The Macao China athlete delegation joined 8 among the 22 events which included track and field, swimming, diving, fencing, judo, table tennis, taekwondo, and martial arts. It was the first time that martial arts was regarded as a competition event.