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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Macao Football Team Competes as Home Team with Powerful Support from Fans

The Macao Football Team competed in the third round of the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers held on 5 September at the Macau Stadium. Unfortunately, as the home team, they lost to India by 0:2. The main coach, Chan Hiu Ming, who led the team for the first time, stated, “Macao ranked the lowest among the 24 teams participating in the qualifier, but competing with these opponents was a very valuable opportunity to help the team members refine their skills. We should look forward into the future. Having experienced this qualifying match, I believe that the Macao players improved to some extent. Perhaps they will become better when they compete against opponents from Chinese Taipei and Guam in the EAFF East Asian Cup qualifiers next year. That is our key concern.”
Ho Man Fai, Lei Ka Him, Choi Chan In, Kam Chi Hou, Lei Ka Hou, Lam Ngai Tong, Cheang Cheng Ieong, Lam Ka Seng, Kong Cheng Hou, Pang Chi Hang, and Fernández were selected key players of the Macao Team. In the first half of the game, they succeeded in preventing India from scoring by intensive defense, resulting in 0:0 by end of the first half. As players' positions were re-arranged, Pang Chi Hang in the Macao team was replaced by Leong Ka Hang. India also made adjustments by having three forwards. They also pressured the defense line of the Macao team by passing the ball from two sides to the centre. Fifty-seven minutes later, when Shinga, who joined the match as a reserve player, was pressured by Cheang Cheng Ieong, he took a pass and broke through Ho Man Fai's defense by a header. At the 82nd minute, Lam Ngai Tong and Ho Man Fai made mistakes and thus Shinga took the chance to score a defenseless goal, resulting in India's firm victory by 2:0. India also ranked the first in Group A by winning three consecutive matches.  
This match drove around 600 football fans to be the audience on the spot. Motivated by several football fans, hundreds of football fans made an "audience wave". Whenever the players in the field were making an offense, blocking or goalkeeping, the fans would give a round of applause. Some parents even brought their children to cheer for the players, making the atmosphere even livelier.