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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Carnival-styled Wushu Masters Challenge is Well Applauded

The “2017 Wushu Masters Challenge” was hosted by the Sports Bureau and the Wushu General Association of Macau and co-organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office, the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and the Cultural Industries Fund. It took place from 10 to 13 August. This year, new elements were added to the activity. In the “Wushu Summer Carnival”, which was held at the Tap Seac Square and the Amizade Square, activities such as virtual reality martial arts teaching, game stalls and martial arts performances were set up to bring new experiences for visitors and residents.
Four-day Period is Full of Wonderful Moments
In the afternoon of 10 August, the “Wushu Summer Carnival”, which was held at the Tap Seac Square and Amizade Square, preluded the “2017 Wushu Masters Challenge”. The opening ceremony took place during the Suncity Group CKF International Combat Challenge at night, hosted by the Chief of Office of the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture, Ip Peng Kun, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee and President of the International Wushu Federation, Yu Zaiqing, Director of the Culture and Education Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macau SAR, Xu Ting, President of the Sports Bureau, Pun Weng Kun, Secretary-General of the Wushu Federation of Asia and President of the Wushu General Association of Macau, Chan Weng Kit, Vice President of the Chinese Wushu Association, Chen Guorong, Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Event Title Sponsor SJM Holdings, Leong On Kei, and the Senior Vice President of Public Relations of the Event Title Sponsor Suncity Group, Lei Sou Ian.
Apart from the Suncity Group CKF International Combat Challenge, events such as the Asian Dragon and Lion Dance Championships, the Sanda Lei Tai Challenge, and the International Taolu Competition were also held in the Wushu Masters Challenge this year. They all were competitive and worth watching. Choi Leong Sim, who had won the runner-up of Sanda in the Asian Games representing Macao, defeated the Thai boxer Amin and won the gold belt in the 80 kg weight class of the free boxing event of the Intercontinental Champion Gold Belt Fight.
Macao Team Brings Honour for Macao in Dragon and Lion Dance Championships
One of the main events in the Wushu Masters Challenge was the 4th SJM Asian Dragon and Lion Dance Championships, in which the dragon dance team of the Macao Dragon and Lion Dance Team won a gold medal in the compulsory taolu competition and a silver medal in the racing skills competition, after they had been awarded a bronze medal in the luminous dragon dance competition. The southern lion team won a gold medal in the obstacle skills event, and a silver medal in the traditional taolu competition. The northern lion team, who had won the first gold medal for Macao, was also awarded a silver medal in the racing skills event. To conclude the two-day event, the Macao team brought honour as the home team by achieving the result of 3 golds, 4 silvers and 1 bronze.
In the Sanda Lei Tai Challenge, which took place at the Tap Seac Square, Macao local contestants Chio Kit Hang, Kan Kai Wa, Mio Iat San, and Choi Fei Long won against the contestants from Guangzhou and Fuoshan separately. The International Taolu Competition took place at the Indoor Pavilion of the Olympic Sports Centre, attracting around 50 teams from Germany, Guangdong, Guangxi, Macao and Hong Kong, amounting to over 300 martial arts enthusiasts. They competed and received honour in events including twenty-four-style, forty-two-style, traditional Tai Chi, traditional boxing and weapons.
Attractive Parade is appreciated by Audience
On 13 August, the wushu dragon and lion parade, which was held as the finale, commenced at 5:00 in the afternoon from Senado Square. The parade went by famous tourist sites including the St. Dominic's Church, Ruins of St. Paul, and the Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericórdia. A number of organizations which are responsible for promoting Macao local martial arts and dragon and lion dance performed along the route. The performers wore the apparels decorated by martial arts elements. Combined with dancing and music, a festive and carnival atmosphere was created, motivating residents and visitors to come and watch the parade. Finally, the parade team gathered at Tap Seac Square. The activity was concluded in a joyful atmosphere.  
That night, closing shows were held at Tap Seac Pavilion. It was preluded by two shows namely the “Sand Painting of Martial Arts Circle” and the “Dragon and Lion Vying for Hegemony”. Then various types of Chinese martial arts were performed consecutively by a number of martial arts experts from mainland including Chen Zhenglei and Wang Shiquan, as well as Macao martial arts experts such as Lei Man Ium, Un Oi Mou, Lam Hong Sang, Leong Sio Nam, and Hoi Io Kong. There were also foreigners participating in performances of cudgel and sword techniques. Martial arts teams from Shaolin Monk Group and the Beijing Sport University were also invited to perform high level martial arts. Finally, Macao Martial Arts Youth Academy and members of the collective training team gave the last but the best performance, which concluded the Wushu Masters Challenge this year.