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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Get ready for the hot summer on 1st May

It is the season to move and be active during hot summer time! The annual ‘Recreational Activities on 1st May at Praia de Hac-Sa' was held on the Labor Day. It attracted a great number of sports lovers forming groups to join beach soccer, volleyball, and handball competitions, and various kinds of water sports and enjoying sunshine on the beach.

Ballgame competitions and water sports were held

In order to let busy residents in the city have more diverse choices on leisure activities, the Sports Bureau, the Municipal Council of Macau, the Marine and Water Bureau and other organizations organized the ‘Recreational Activities on 1st May at Praia de Hac-Sa' on the Labor Day at the Leisure Area at the Hac Sa Beach recreational area. There were 3 experiencing zones for ballgames, 2 beach games, 6 stalls for games, 1 large inflatable toy and 3 types of water sports including banana boat, jet skiing and windsurfing cruise. Residents can enjoy sunshine and beach and at the same time experience the fun of water sports.

Results of the beach events:

Beach Soccer Competition

Champion: FG Club 1

First Runner-up: Hong Kei

Second Runner-up: “Miscellaneous Army: I love 'Chui B Deng' ”

Beach Volleyball Competition

Champion: “Chi Wun Po Wa”

First Runner-up: Hodgepodge 2.0

Second Runner-up: Hio Cheng sss

Beach Handball Competition (Men)

Champion: Neighborhood Sports Association of Four Temples in Coloane

First Runner-up: 

Second Runner-up: Team

Beach Volleyball Competition (Women)

Champion: Team of Seeds

First Runner-up: Fong Chong School of Taipa

Sand Piling Competition

Champion: “Wa La La” in summer

First Runner-up: Cement workers

Second Runner-up: Team “Chi Chi Cha Cha”