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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Healthy and Joyful Cycling Tour

“2017 Spring Cycling Tour” was hosted on 29 April by the Cycling General Association of Macau, China and was sponsored by the Sports Bureau. The number of participants of this cycling tour was around 150. The route was about 35 kilometers in total. Parents participated in this activity together with their children and family members. They shared the joy with their children, enjoyed themselves in a family tour, and further promoted a healthy family lifestyle at the same time. 

The destination of this cycling tour was Hengqin. Participants gathered at Cotai Frontier Port at 9 am and passed the customs. Then all participants set off and cycled through a 22-km distance along Hailu Road in Hengqin before lunch and recess. In the afternoon, they rode through a 13-km distance along Hong Kong-Macao Road, and went back to Macao through Cotai Frontier Port. The cycling tour was completed smoothly. It was sunny and clear that day, and the trees on both sides of the green lane were verdant and lush. Participates appreciated the beautiful scenery as they were riding. They enjoyed themselves in cycling to their heart's content. 

The families and cyclists participating in this activity were satisfied with the arrangements made by the organizer. They hope that the activities can be more diversified, so that more people who are interested in cycling can join it.