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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Players enjoyed themselves in the Spring Free Sports Ground Ball Games

2017 Spring Free Sports Ground Ball Games was hosted by the Sports Bureau, and co-organized by Macao-China Basketball Association, and Macau Football Association. On 21 May, the last match was held at Sports Ground on Estrada do Canal dos Patos, after which the five-week competition came to the end. The five matches motivated a total number of 173 basketball teams and 66 football teams to participate. Although it rained during the match, it was highly supported by Macao residents, and they hope that the competition can be held continuously. 

The Spring Free Sports Ground Ball Games were held on Sundays from 23 April to 14 May. Regional rounds were held at four sports grounds at Alameda da Tranquilidade, Taipa Olympic Sports Centre - Multi-Purpose Zone and Rua Central da Areia Preta and Taipa Central Park. The final round was held on 21 May at Sports Ground on Estrada do Canal dos Patos. With sports events which are of local distinct culture such as the free sports ground ball event, the organizers hope that they can promote the message that sports is good for both physical and mental health, increase residents' interest in participating in sports, encourage them to nurture the good habit of doing exercises constantly, and allow residents who love ball games in different neighborhoods to interact with and learn from one another in competitions.  

During that day, the basketball match in the male teen's group was finished in the morning, and “Free Team” won the champion. They also won the prize for getting the highest team score. The matches in other groups had to be canceled as it rained.