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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Historically Advancing to the National Competition Men's Basketball Team of the University of Macau makes breakthroughs in CUBA

The men's basketball team of the University of Macau advanced to the top 24 of the CUBA national university students' basketball league. They competed in the university men's basketball competition in Xi'an, Shanxi Province from 18 to 22 May and became the runner-up of the regional competition. This competition received attention from people in China. They gained the result of 1 win and 4 losses. They failed to advance to the top 4 national teams and were qualified as the 5th - 8th place in the group matches. When the players competed on the stage of the national competition, they showed their tenacious competitive spirit - a quality the players of the University of Macau possess. The team members laughed, cried, felt excited, moved and disappointed in the basketball field. It is an unforgettable experience for the players.

Winning the runner-up in the southwest regional competition

In the southwest regional competition held in Wuhan, Hubei Province from 12 to 20 March, the men's basketball team of the University of Macau set new records one after another and broke into the final. However, when faced against the team of the Central South University – a traditionally strong team in the southwest regional competition and who ranked the 4th in last year's national competition, players from the University of Macau lost at 74:90. They eventually failed to be the champion. Although the men's basketball team of the University of Macau was only the runner-up, their achievement was four places higher than their original goal that was to be in the top 6. Having achieved their goal, they were qualified to compete in the national competition. The Central South University has been crowned the champion in the southwest regional competition for four consecutive years. 

The competition among the top 24 teams, which was part of the 19th National University Students Basketball League, was held in the Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, Shanxi Province. In the first match, the team of the University of Macau competed against the Shanxi Taiyuan University of Technology, who ranked the 6th in the northwest regional competition, and lost to them at 66:92. They also lost to the Zhejiang University, the second runner-up of the southeast regional competition, at 53:88 in the second match.

Winning against the Northeastern University and gaining the first win

In the third group match, the men's basketball team of the University of Macau finally actualized their wish of getting the first win in the national competition. Competing against the Northeastern University, which ranked the 6th in the northeastern regional competition, the team experienced a tough game as both teams tried their best to compete against each other. The team of the University of Macau even lagged behind for a certain period of time but won the game eventually with their perseverance and conviction. They finally won by 66:63, winning a match in the national competition for the first time. 

Regrettably, Lam Teng Long, the key player of the men's basketball team of the University of Macau, was injured in a match where they won against the Northeastern University. Consequently the team's defense was weakened. In the match against Shandong Agricultural University, they lost by 64:89. In the final match, they experienced a tough competition against Shanxi University - the champion of the northeast regional competition, and lost again by 54:87. Eventually, the men's team of the University of Macau ended their CUBA journey this year with the achievement of 1 win 4 losses.