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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Masters Showcase their Skills in Macau Wushu Championships

The 30th Macau Wushu Championships was held at Tap Seac Pavilion from 31 May to 4 June. Forty-seven champions in total in categories including international competition routines, traditional events, and Sanshou Challenge were decided in the 5-day period. Through the championships, the Wushu General Association of Macau also selected qualified candidates to participate in the 14th World Wushu Championships and the 7th World Traditional Wushu Championships. The outstanding individuals in this Championships were Huang Junhua and Li Yi, both of whom won 3 gold medals, Cheong Pui Seng, who won two champions in the Taiji event, and Wu Lok In, who won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the broadsword, cudgel and boxing events. 

Huang Junhua Won Three Gold Medals

Huang Junhua is currently active in the Macau Wushu team, and is considered the first person specializing in the southern-style routines. Two years ago, he became the world champion in the World Wushu Championships with his vigorous southern-style cudgel routine. Having won three gold medals in the optional events of southern-style boxing, southern-style broadsword, and southern-style cudgel in the Macau Wushu Championships this year, the first thing he wanted to do was to recover from his injuries. Huang Junhuang was also well prepared to overcome his injuries, “As many unpredictable things may happen in a competition, as an athlete I have to do my utmost to prepare for all possible situations. From now on, I will follow my doctor's suggestions and take care of things related to treatment in training, striving to recover before the World University Games in August”.

Li Yi Wins by a Narrow Margin

Li Yi, who was a gold medalist in the fencing event of the World Wushu Routine Championships, gained three gold medals in the women's optional events of fencing, spear and changquan. Li Yi, as she had stressed that she would cherish every single chance to participate in competitions, won the champion with high scores of over 9.5 in the fencing and spear events wherein she usually performs well. However, she could hardly maintain balance as she performed the jumping movements in the changquan event. Therefore she only won against the rising star Sou Cho Man with a mere margin of 0.6 point. 

Wu Lok In Sets Goals for himself

Wu Lok In achieved the result of 2 gold and 1 silver in the optional events of broadsword, cudgel and changquan, which were highly competitive in nature. In the broadsword event, he lost to Cheong Wai Seng and became the runner-up only because he made a mistake as he was performing the jumping movement. Aiming to win the greatest honor in the Wushu field, he understands both his own advantages and disadvantages. He clearly knows that there is still room for improving his control over highly difficult movements and the basic skills of using weapons. In order to actualize his goal to win a medal by breaking into the top 3 in the optional events of the world championships, he stressed that he ought to spend more time on studying and practicing Wushu. 

Cheong Pui Seng wins two championships

The competitions among the three strongest competitors were shown in both the Taiji event and fencing event this year. The three good Taiji players were Cheong Pui Seng, Chong Ka Seng, and Wong Kui Sin competed against one and another. All of them were experienced in competing in championships. Cheong Pui Seng, who won a bronze medal twice in the World Taijiquan Championships, became the final winner in the Taiji event this year. He won two Taiji champions with his stable performances. He thought that a highly competitive atmosphere could make competitors perform to the best of their abilities and upgrade their level.