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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
New Macao's Record in the Women's 4x400 Event was set in the Spring Track and Field Open

From 20th to 21st May, the Spring Track and Field Open was hosted for two consecutive days at the Taipa Olympic Sport Centre Stadium. In total, about 70 group champions were decided. The focus of the traditional Men's and Women's 100 meters “Flying Men Racing” event was overshadowed by relay events. Three athletes Loi Im Lan, Lam Choi Teng, and Ng Weng Ian first competed with Wong Pui San to set a new Macao record by finishing in the 4X400 meters relay in 4:05:31, which was 0.3 seconds faster than the previous record. Then, these three athletes also partnered with Chan Man Wai and won the champion in the 4x100 meters relay, but the only thing lacking was that the finishing time was 0.12 second later than the Macao record. Loi Im Lan, who was the last runner in the whole relay, said “We only practiced twice in this team, but our goal was very clear. It was to do our utmost to break the records in two relay events”.

Loi Im Lan Led the Team to Fight 

On the last day, Loi Im Lan, Ng Weng Ian and Lam Choi Teng prepared to challenge the 4x100 meters relay event again. The first runner was Chan Man Wai, who had been the champion in the 100 meters in Teen's Category. They finally got another gold medal again by finishing the round in 48:52, but sadly they failed to break the two relay records as they had wished. Loi Im Lan, who was the last runner in both relay events, did not forget to go beyond the Macao record in the 100 meters race which was kept by herself. In the final of the 100 meters event in the Open Category, she was challenged by her strongest frenemy Ng Weng Ian. Loi finished the round in 11:89, which was only 0.02 seconds later than the past record, and won the champion. She admitted that she was satisfied with her performance after the round:“11:89 was the best record which I set this year so far, so I was very excited after I finished the round.”

Lam Choi Teng, who finished the finals of both relay events in two days, won a gold medal with the result of 27:94 in the Grand Final Women's 200 meters race in the Open Category. Lei Kun Wa and Lei Ngai Lek, who first participated in the race, won the champions in the 100 meters “Flying Men” event and 200 meters consecutively. They also led the team to win the champion in 4X100 relay in the Open Category. 

Wong Chi Wai failed to set the Record

In the Men's High Jump event in the Open Category, the audience held their breath when the Macao record was about to be broken. Wong Chi Wai, who had just recovered from injuries, attempted to jump over 2.10 meters (the standard height in the Asian competitions) but failed. Although he could not break the Macao record 2.08 meters set by himself, he still won the champion with the result of 2.05 meters. After the round, Wong Chi Wai said: “Previously when I faced this height for the first time in a competition in Hong Kong, I was really afraid. But I found that I could almost reach that height after trying. Therefore I was not nervous this time, but sadly things did not go as expected, meaning that I have to make more effort in practicing from now on.”

Chan Chan Kit won the Champion in the 5000 meters

Summing up other focuses in this competition, Chan Chan Kit dominated over others in the Men's 5000 meters in the Open Category. He finished the round in 17:21:80 and won the champion. The competition in the Men's 800 meters in the Open Category was intense as well. The two new stars in the inter-schools' circle, Ho Kun Fai and Ip Seng Tou competed intensively from the beginning to the end. Finally, Ho Kun Fai finished the round 0.08 second earlier than Ip Seng Tou, and thus Ho won the champion. In terms of the field events, Wong Ka Chun performed distinctively well in the Men's long jump event in the Open Category, as he jumped over the distance of 6.6 meters in three out of six attempts. He finally won the champion with his second attempt, of which the result was 6.83 meters. This was only 0.4 meter shorter than the Macao record 7.22 meters. Wong Pui San  ran as if she was competing with time in the whole 3000 meters event in the Women's Open Category. Eventually she won the champion with 11:18:52.