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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Kuok Chi Wai and Hoi Long crowned champion in Triathlon

The China Macao Triathlon General Association planned to organize 3 Triathlons this year to choose representatives to join the 2018 Asians Games, which is hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. On 23rd April, the first Triathlon was held in the Hengqin campus of University of Macau. Kuok Chi Wai and Hoi Long took the champion of Men's Open Group and Women's Open Group respectively after winning the Duathlon. Kuok, who is in an athlete's golden age, has joined 3 Asian Games before, and he achieved breakthroughs consecutively. In the 2006 Doha Asian Games, Kuok ranked the 16th while in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, he ranked the 15th. In the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, he ranked the 14th. Kuok, who is competing for the chance to join the Asian Games for the fourth time, aims to get into the top 10.

After organizing a triathlon again last year, the China Macao Triathlon General Association is holding another triathlon this year. The first competition was held in the UM Sports Complex, and it was the first time competitors cycled through the UM tunnel. There were 6 categories including the Open category, the Senior category and the Veteran category in this competition. It attracted over 50 athletes, including 5 female athletes. The whole journey includes 750m in swimming (5 laps), 20km cycling (4 laps) and 5.2m running (4 laps).

Men's and Women's Open category started at the same time from the swimming pool. Hoi Long and the new star Wong Chin Wa from the Women's Category left the swimming pool first. They were followed by Chiu Rogerio Jose and Kuok Chi Wai, who entered the transition area later. However, Kuok was the first one who finished the cycling event. The four athletes mentioned above formed the first leading group. They led alternatively during the cycling section. Hoi, who is good at cycling, was the first one who returned to the transition area. In the running section, Kuok illustrated his strength and gradually pulled away from other participants. After running for a 4-lap-distance, Kuok returned to the finish gate set in the stadium and won the champion in the Men's Open with the shortest time of 1 hour 02 minutes and 39seconds. Chiu was the first runner-up who was 1 minute slower than Kuok. Wong was the second runner-up with 1 hour 04 minutes and 04 seconds. It was the first time that there were 5 participants in the Women's Open. Hoi, who was popular among the athletes, sprinted and remained close with the athletes in the Men's Group. She crossed the finishing line in 1 hour 03 minutes and 45 seconds and was crowned the champion. She was around 16 minutes faster than Lei Cho Ieng, who was the first runner-up. Wong San San was the second runner-up.

The Senior Category and Veteran Category were the first groups starting off. There were lots of senior athletes who showed their strength when they set out as the first group. Ip Chin Nan from Category 2 of Veterans spent only 1 hour 11 minutes 27 seconds and was crowned the champion of the category. Kuok Chi Kin spent 1 hour 12 minutes 02 seconds and took the champion of the Senior category. Kwan Wei Man was crowned the champion of Category 1 of Veterans with 1 hour 12 minutes and 22 seconds.

Holding two junior duathlons consecutively

In the recent years, the China Macao Triathlon General Association aims to train teenagers as part of their development. After holding the first Junior Duathlon of this year on 2nd April, a second duathlon was held on the 23rd April. The two duathlons attracted more than 80 young participants. Finally, Cheng Tek Kei was crowned champion of the Men's Category A with 16 minutes 19 seconds. So Chi Kei took the champion of the Women's Category A with 18 minutes 45 seconds.

The first Junior Duathlon was held on 2nd April. There were 108 participants who were divided into 5 age groups. Wong Chin Wa, a new star among local triathlon athletes, leveled up to Category A for the first time and showed a strong lead by nearly half of a lap in the swimming section. In the running section, Wong had taken absolute advantage in the early stage and led by nearly a lap ahead of the first runner-up Cheng Tek Kei. Finally Wong, with 15 minutes 43 seconds, won the champion of Men's Category A. Chong was the first runner-up with 16 minutes 48 seconds, Cheang Wai Ip was the second runner-up with 17 minutes 07 seconds.

The competition of Women's Category B was more intense, all the top three had finished in shorter time than Category A. Cheng Wan U took the champion of Category B with 18 minutes 09 seconds, Chui Lok Iong and Chan Nok Yin were the first runner-up and second runner-up respectively. For Women's Category A, Lei Cheok Ian won the champion with 21 minutes 17 seconds. 

Below are the top three from other categories: 

Men's Category B: Cheng Hou Sang, Leong Ku Wa and Lei Hon Ian; Men's Category C: Lao Meng Chak, Lei Hoi Man and Lei Cheok Hei; Men's Category D: Lei Cheok In, Kuan Wai Ian and Lai Hio Hang; Men's Category E: Chan Si Chon, Lam Chi Chung and Cheong Hoi; Women's Category C: Ieong Sao Wai, Che Hoi I and Lam Sam In; Women's Category D: Lam Chi Mei, Kuok Hei Cheng and Cham Sum Ning; Women's Category E: Chan Pui Lam, So Chi Lam and Si Tou Sio Wai.