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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Chao Man Hou won two Gold Medals in the Milo/Pram Malaysia Invitational Open Swimming Championships

The swimming team from the Swimming Association of Macao, China participated in the 60th Milo/Pram Malaysia Invitational Open Swimming Championships from 4th to 7th May in Malacca, Malaysia. Chao Man Hou won two gold medals in succession in the Men's 200 meters and the 50 meters breaststroke events. Together with the one silver medal and one bronze medal gained by Tam Chi Ian and Lei On Kei, the Macao team achieved the total result of 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. Ying Jingli, the coach, stated that this was a valuable chance to participate in the competition. She hopes that the athletes could gain experience through this competition and get well prepared for future competitions. 

Chao Man Hou achieved the result of 2:20:71 in the preliminary of the Men's 200 meters breaststroke event, and broke into the final ranking the 1st. During the final, Chao Man Hou was assigned to the fourth swimming lane. He was leading from the beginning to the end of the round, winning a gold medal with 2:17: 16. In addition, Chao Man Hou also achieved the result of 28:95 in the Men's 50 meters breaststroke final, winning his second gold medal. 

Tam Chi Ian and Lei On Kei won a Silver and a Bronze Medal respectively

In the Women's 200 meters medley event, Tam Chi Ian achieved the result of 2:32:34 in the preliminary round. She also performed very well in the final, as she won a silver medal with 2:28:61. Lei On Kei finished in 33:99 in the preliminary round of the Women's 50 meters breaststroke. She finished the final in 34:28, winning another bronze medal for Macao. In addition, Lam Si Chong finished in 4:09:51 in the Men's 400 meters freestyle, breaking the Macao record set by himself. 

In the Women's 4x100 freestyle relay, Lei On Kei, Choi Weng Tong, Tam Chi Ian, and Long Chi Wai ranked the 4th with 4:01:98. In the Men's 4x100 freestyle relay, Chao Man Hou, Lam Si Chong, Tin Chak Hei, and Lei Hang ranked the 5th with 3:38:66.