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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Thailand Bowling Competition Wong Son Ian won the Champion twice consecutively in Group U15

Wong Son Ian, at the age of 14, continues performing well since she, to everyone's surprise, won the champion in April last year in Group U15 in the Thailand Bowling Open. At the end of the year, she also won the Runner-up in the elite group in the Asian Cities Invitation Competition in Indonesia. Sequentially she defeated many strong players in the Local Super Silver Medal Competition in January this year, and eventually won the champion. After that in April, in the six matches of the Thailand Open Teen's Category, she defeated two Malaysian players with 1,222 points, and won the champion again successfully. Having a nice beginning in the dream path in her bowling career, Wong Son Ian said, “I regarded bowling as an extra curriculum activity over the few years, but when I went abroad and met more high-level players in competitions, I had the thought of narrowing down the margin between us. The progress I made these years made me more confident.”

Since she took part in the school training of bowling in 2012, Wong Son Ian is a helicopter style player, who is very rare among the teenagers nowadays. In the Thailand Open, which just finished, Wong Son Ian's helicopter style shined again. She stayed on top by scoring stably. In the last round she won the Champion with a single strike which was 204 points. Not only did she win the Champion in Group U15 of the Thailand Open, but she almost broke into the final of Group U18. However sadly in a decisive match, she failed to defeat her opponent who had scored the same as she did. From this match, Wong Son Ian learned that there was still room for improvement, “In order to perform well stably in every match, first I need to have enough of physical strength, so from now on I have to receive training focusing on increasing my physical strength”.

As she got excellent results in local and overseas competitions, Wong Son Ian, young as she is, was selected to participate in the 2nd Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games held in Turkmenistan, and it will be her first time to compete in a large-scale comprehensive sports event representing Macao. Wong Son Ian expects herself to do her best in the field. “I am going together with my seniors in the team to compete there, and I am the only member from the Teen's Category. I hope that I could perform well stably.”

On the other hand, Ho Man Lok won a bronze medal in Group U15 of the Thailand Open. He was promoted and took part in Group U18 competition this year, but sadly he failed to break into the final. Although he was disappointed, the loss did not wear down his fighting spirit. He targets the Macao Open this year and hopes that he can win the first medal in Group U21 as a home team player. In long run he also aims to win in Asian schools competitions.

Fong Chon Hang is the oldest among the three players who participated in the Teen's Category of the Thailand Open this year. Being 18 this year, he is the first Macao player breaking into the final of Group U18, but sadly he could not do his best as his fingers were injured. Facing challenges in his bowling career as his peer Ho Man Lok did, Fong Chon Hang admitted that he had not received enough training, “Bowling events require a lot of physical strength. Players from Korea and many other Asian regions cultivate physical strength every day. Thus I also have to work hard.”