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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Chang Wing Chung's Racing Dream

There is no lack of talents in Macao's racing community, as local racers always win a space on the podium of the annual Grand Prix. Chang Wing Chung, who speeded along in the Guia Circuit with his F3 car as a teenager aged under 20, is no exception in dreaming to display his excellence at home. But he is well aware of the “step-by-step” principle, “I will not set too high a goal, top 10 is good enough for me now.”

Chang fell in love with cars at first sight when his was five years old. After being trained at Coloane Karting Track, he has risen as a new superstar in Macau's racing community. His first Formula experience was in 2013 when he competed for Formula Ford's last 6 destinations and showed up prominently by winning two prizes. After this, he even took part in the British F3 World Tour as an official start in Formula 3.

Chang's Personal Best in F3

As Chang continues his study in the UK,his passion for racing only increases so he returns to Macao every November for the Guia Race. With more mature skills, he competed again in F3 this year. An unsatisfactory qualifying and a bottom three ranking in the race didn't hurt his confidence, rather, making a prelude to his personal best performance as the 12th on the list. He expressed his delight by saying, “Despite falling short of the ultimate goal, this ranking is quite satisfactory. I believe there is still room for my improvement.”

After the F3 race, he returned to the UK for a short while before coming back to Macao in December for the long-missed Macao International Karting Grand Prix, but withdrew from the KZ final regrettably due to a car breakdown. Chang, who has two and half years to stay in university, “ I still have no plans to go back to Macao for racing, the only thing I care about is to gain more knowledge and add value to myself.”