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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Football Gemini – Ng Wa Keng

In recent years, many potential players have emerged in the schools' football field in Macao, and comparatively special is a pair of twin brothers – Ng Wa Keng and Ng Wa Seng. The “Ng Gemini”, who are now studying at Yuet Wah College, are one of the best midfield and backfield players of the young generation in Macao. They have been representing Macao to take part in many international competitions.

The 17-year-old twins Ng Wa Keng and Ng Wa Seng had an interest in football since their childhood. At the age of 10, they participated in the Selection Day of Football Youth Academy under the support of their parents.They were selected into the academy and started their football journey. The twins have a close relationshipwhich encourage them to support each other on the football road. Later, they got promoted for several times and joined the Macao Schools Team at the age of 13. They represented Macau in different  international competitions such as the qualifier match of AFC U-19 Championship, Asian Schools Football Championship and Pacific Games and they have achieved good results.

Never give up

The elder brother Ng Wa Keng plays the important role at the midfield and is responsible for directing the football to his teammates. He is good at organizing attack and coordinates the team. The younger brother Ng Wa Seng plays at the sideline at the mid and backfield and is good at playing the right back for attaching from the sideline and passing the football from the end line to the midfield. Recently, the twins need to spend four days a week in training of two hours each time. When they are talking about the future, the Ng brothers said they love football very much and would play hard towards the goal of becoming professional players. Whether they will achieve the goal or not, however, they will never give up football, but treat it as a life-long sport.

Refighting at AFC U-19 Championship

The brothers said frankly that they are not satisfy with their current status, and that there is still much room for improvement. Elder brother Ng Wa Keng thinks that he needs to enhance his observation of football trajectory andanticipation of the ball's movement. Moreover, he can be better at breaking through and shooting; younger brother Ng Wa Seng thinks he needs to have more intense physical training as Asian players because he has less physical advantage compared with those from other regions and countries. In addition, he needs to enhance the accuracy in shooting and placement. Both of them hope that the Macao team would achieve better results in the next All China Secondary Schools Students Games and the AFC U-19 Championship, so that other regions and countries can have a deeper understanding about the football level of Macao.