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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Fall Free Sports Ground Attracts Nearly 400 Teams in the Competition

Organized by the Sports Bureau, co-organized by the Macau-China Basketball Association  and the Macau Football Association, the 2016 "Free Sports Ground"(Fall) Ball Games Competition  successfully held its finals in October at the Sports Ground on Estrada do Canal dos Patos, attracting participation of ball games enthusiasts from different communities and the results of the basketball and football games were decided.

With the participation of 250 basketball teams and 134 football teams in the five competition venues, the event of "Free Sports Ground" was warmly received by public. Through this sporting activity with community cultural characteristics, both the organizer and the co-organizers aimed at disseminating among the public the message that physical exercises do good to physical and mental health in order to enhance the interest of the general public in participation in sports and to develop a good habit of regular participation in sports. By means of exchange of ideas and learning the sporting skills from one another through participation in the event, in order to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation of sports enthusiasts from different communities could be promoted.

After the intense competitions in the finals, the game results came out as follows:


Men's Juvenile Group: Champion: Ou Fong Team B, Runner-up: Chin Seng Team, Third: Hong Cham Team.

Highest scoring team award: Ou Fong Team A.

Men's Junior Group: Champion: Xiangzhou Team, Runner-up: Hong Kong Ian Team, Third: Lou Hou Fong Team, Fourth: KC Chio Pao Tai Wu.

Highest Scoring Team Award: Xiangzhou team.

Men's Open Group: Champion: Sun Kong Team, Runner-up: Nam Yuett Kei Si Team, Third: AVH Team, Fourth: Ko Si Tat Team.

Highest Scoring Team Award: Sun Kong Team.

Women's Junior Group: Champion: QQ Team, Runner-up: Fatima A Team ,

Third: Curry Team, Fourth: Fatima B Team .

Highest Scoring Team Award: QQ Team.

Women's Open Group: Champion: Kou Kei Ta Team, Runner-up: Fatima Team, Third: EMY Team.

Highest Scoring Team Award: Kao Ki Ta Team.


Men's Juvenile Group: Champion: Pokemon Dab, Runner-up: LCSM, Third: FIFA Dab.

Highest Scoring Team Award: Pokemon Dab.

Men's Junior Group: Champion: Loser, Runner-up: THT, Third: Bye Bye.

Highest Scoring Team Award: Loser.

Men's Open Group: Champion: Hou Kei Che Ip Team, Runner-up: U Pei Team,

Third: Hac Sa Van Vong Ma Team, Fourth: FG CLUB.

Highest Scoring Team Award: Hac Sa Van Vong Ma Team.

Women's Open Group: Champion: Teng Teng Team, Runner-up: Pao Chin Dun Team, Third: PPAP.

Highest Scoring Team Award: Pao Chin Dun Team.