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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Choi's Sister Pick Copper Harvesting First Asian Championships Medal for Diving Team

Macao Swimming Delegation sent altogether 39 people for swimming, diving and synchronized swimming to Tokyo, Japan from the 17th to 20th of November to participate in the 10th Asian Swimming Championships. Choi Sut Ian and Choi Sut Kuan, the two “Choi's sister flowers” of Macao Diving Team, gave the best account of themselves in the women's double 3-meter board, with a total score of 241.11 points, winning the third place, capturing the first medal for the Diving Team in the Asian Championships.

Choi Suet Ian and Choi Sut Kuan played in the FINA Grand Prix  in July, competing with world-class players, then maintained in good state and continued to play in the Asian Championships, scoring 241.11 points, overtaking representatives from Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, winning the bronze medal. With this medal in hand, Choi Sut Ian, “Big Sister” in the Diving Team, has mounted all the prize-awarding platforms of the Asian Games, Asian Championships and the East Asian Games. Deeply moved after the game, she admitted that with the final return, she had no regrets in her diving career after 16 years' pursuit and persistence. At the meantime, Choi Sut Kuan was also pleased to have played to her best level in the Asian Championships for the glory of Macao.

In addition to diving, the Macao Delegation also performed well in swimming and synchronized swimming. As the swimmer in the first position in the 4×100m men's freestyle relay, with a time of 51.59 seconds, Chou Man Hou of the Swimming Team broke the Macao record (51.91 seconds) which set by Ngou Pok Man two years ago in Incheon Asian Games. With over half of the players in the team aged between 15 to 16, the Cenozoic Synchronized Swimming Team participating in this event captured the fourth place in both technical optional items and collective free optional items, overtaking Malaysia for the first time in collective items. Such results are satisfactory.