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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Lao Long San Won Gold Medal on Asia Cup 2016: Zero Breakthrough for Macau's Cycling Event

A new chapter for the track cycling history of Macau! Lao Long San, a full-time athlete sponsored by Sports Bureau, competed in the ACC Track Asia Cup 2016 held in Thailand and was crowned champion in Junior Men's Points Race. He is Macau's first gold winner of international track cycling race, achieving a long expecting zero breakthrough for Macau's cycling event. After the game, Lao said, “This champion is extraordinary for me and the cycling event. I will turn it into a driving force and set out for higher goals.”

The ACC Track Asia Cup 2016 was held in Bangkok, Thailand from Oct 7th to 9th. Riders from various Asian countries and regions competed in the game. Macau sent out a delegation of five members: Chan Chak Mo, the chief team manager; Cheang Kuok Hang, the team manager; Choi Chon Meng and Che Tin Iao, the coaches; and Lao Long San, the contestant. This competition is included in the Junior Men's Scratch Race and Points Race. This is a track cycling game under Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). The riders can compete for credits in the competitions of the Asia Cup and earn the qualification to participate in the World Cup and World Championship.

Lao participated in Junior Men's Points Race on the first day. The race contains 48 laps with each covering 333 meters, and points are scored every 6 laps. During the match, Lao encountered a fierce competition for the first place of the sprint lap twice. In the end, he outraced the main field by 2 laps and took the crown with 55 points in total, which was 16 points higher than the Malaysian rider who got the second place. This gold medal is of vital importance for Cycling General Association of Macau, China, marking a zero breakthrough of the medal in international track cycling games. Team manager Cheang Kuok Hang extended his gratitude to Sports Bureau for its long-term support to the road and track cycling events. He hoped that the riders could keep up their efforts in future training and games and win honor for Macau.