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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Peter Hickman Retains Title in Jubilee Grand Prix Motorcycle

Macao Grand Prix of the year has entered its sixty-third session. This event was taken over, for the first time, by the Sports Bureau. This year's tournament was full of attraction. Two international top events were brought together in the same field. Since the GT World Cup was recognized by FIA last year, the other main race, Formula Three (F3), has also been upgraded to the World Cup level. In addition, the Grand Prix Motorcycle Race, with attention and focus, coincided with its fiftieth anniversary, increasing the highlight of the four-day race.

In the thrilling and exciting race, the Portuguese driver António Félix da Costa eventually mounted the top of F3 again four years later. The Belgian driver Vanthoor dramatically claimed title after turning over and skidding in the GT World Cup Race. The British driver Peter Hickman, the last "Grand Prix Motorcycle" champion, successfully defended title, smashing the nine dreams of Michael Rutter to win Macau championship.

Two races upgraded to World Cup level

Organized by the Sports Bureau and title-sponsored by Suncity Group, the sixty-third session of the Macau Grand Prix took place from the 17th to the 20th of November. After a series of practice and qualification races, the two races recognized by FIA as World Cup competitions experienced intense competition. In the finale of the F3 World Cup Race, António Félix da Costa, the Macao champion in 2012, came back to this session. He initially lost the lead in pole position, then capitalized at a Safety Car restart on lap seven to retake the top spot and held on for victory, completing the 15-lap race with a time of 37 minutes 57 seconds 447. Overtaking the Swedish driver Felix Rosenqvist and the Brazilian driver Sérgio Sette Câmara, he finally won the championship.

Laurens Vanthoor dramatically holds GT Cup

The GT World Cup Final was originally an 18-lap race. Due to a serious accident on the second lap, the race suspended for a long time and was conducted by countdown after the restart. Another accident happened after racing for only one lap. Laurens Vanthoor, who took the lead, became the protagonist. Being overtaken by Earl Bamber, the anxious driver lost control of the car and hit the barrier, causing another rollover. Eventually, the organizer decided to cut the competition and take the results of the fourth lap for the final results. Thus, Laurens Vanthoor dramatically won the champion.

The British drivers sweep top three in "Grand Prix Motorcycle"

Warmly received by motorcycling fans, Grand Prix Motorcycle Race had its "Golden Jubilee" war. Martin Jessopp, in the initial first position, Peter Hickman, for defending title, Michael Rutter, in his battle for the ninth champion, started a hot pursuit during which each of the three had the opportunity to take the lead. Eventually, the three drivers reached the finish with a time difference of less than one second. Peter Hickman retained title with a time of 29 minutes and 15 seconds 590 while Michael Rutter and Martin Jessopp ranked second and third.

Tiago Monteiro dominates Guia for the first time

The other events were equally exciting, with a number of drivers from Hong Kong and Macao competing in pursuit of Macau Touring Car Cup, which had a long history. As a result, Hong Kong's Poon Tak Chun, Paul overtook Macau's Filipe C. de Souza and harvested the champion of that event for the sixth time. In Macau Guia Race 2.0T, in which world-class players gathered, the Portuguese driver Tiago Monteiro won the champion for the first time. In the ten-lap Macau Road Sport Challenge Race, Lo Kai Fung, a local driver, successfully took the lead in the sixth lap, held on to the finish and captured the champion. In the Chinese Racing Cup Race held in the third consecutive year, the Chinese driver, David Zhu, won the championship, taking the lead perfectly from beginning to end.