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2013 / NO.1
2013 / NO.1
The Award Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony of the Awarded Works Exhibition of 2012 “Macao Sports” Photography Competition

The award ceremony and the opening ceremony of the awarded works exhibition of the 2012 “Macao Sports” Photography Competition, organized by the Sport Development Board and co-organized by the Photographic Society of Macao, took place at the Tap Seac Multi-sport Pavilion on 24th January. The contest carried two photographic themes of “Heroes and Competitions” and “Fitness Smile”. The organizers received 621 photos submitted for the event and they cover assorted happenings in Macao’s sports circle of 2012. Through photographers’ camera lens, the competition captured  athletes’ most skillful movements and passionate moments. The splendid images display sporting spirits and even the sporting charisma. These delicate pictures, which can bring back wonderful memories, lead the viewers to appreciate the beauty of sport and help integrate sports culture into our lives.

After the screening by a panel of judges composed of members of the Photographic Society of Macao and the Sport Development Board, works are selected for the two photographic themes as follow:

Fitness Smile

First Place Winner: 鄧啟倫

Second Place Winner: 惲維世

Third Place Winner: MARIA FERREIRA SIN


Heroes and Competitions

First Place Winner: 彭玉勝

Second Place Winner: 郭劍華

Third Place Winner:IP CHI KIN