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2013 / NO.1
2013 / NO.1
Award Ceremony of Bonuses and Certificates of Merit in Sports to Outstanding Athletes and Coaches for 2012

The “Award Ceremony of Bonuses and Certificates of Merit in Sports to Outstanding Athletes and Coaches for 2012” took place at the Convention and Exhibition Centre of the Macao Fisherman’s Wharf on November 1st to commend athletes and coaches for their excellent performances in sports competitions in 2012. The Chief Executive, Mr. Chui Sai On, the Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region, Mr. Bai Zhijian, the Deputy Commissioner of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Macao SAR, Mr. Feng Tie and the  Secretary for  Social Affairs and Culture, Mr. Cheong U, presided over the ceremony and presented  the athletes and coaches with the bonuses and certificates of merit in sports.

In 2012, a total of 88 athletes and coaches received bonuses for their excellent performances in 12 events of nine individual sports, while another 238 athletes and coaches competing in 22 sports events were awarded with the certificates of merit in sports as a token of encouragement.

In his opening speech, the President of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. Vong Iao Lek stated that the Board has always been working toward its goal of developing sports for all to tone up residents’ physique as well as benefit the development of local competitive sports. In the future, he promised to further promote the sports for all in response to the outcomes of Macao Residents Physical Fitness Monitoring & Assessment and that the authority would organize, jointly organize or subsidize sports events in a bid to utilize well  the public sports premises as well as those owned by private organizations, thereby encouraging residents’ participation in sports and finally strengthening their physique. In addition, he continued, that the Board would keep devoting itself to the trainings of athletes, coaches and referees. The Board would tap on a system of grading subsidies and continuing education subsidies for  retired athletes as well as the multi-sports training center, which is  still under planning, to provide  athletes with sufficient resources and conditions that help improve their training and skill levels. Given that several multi-sports events would take place across the world this year,  the  Board would work more closely with local  sport associations to engage the athletes in the games and sports trainings for them to bring out their best performances.

Other attending guests of the award ceremony include the  Chief of the Office of the Chief Executive, Tam Chon Weng, the Secretary General of the Executive Council, Ms. O Lam, the Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Ms. Leong Lai, Vice Presidents of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. José Tavares and Mr. Pun Weng Kun, the leaders and representatives of the Sports and Olympic Committee of Macao, China, Sports Committee members and those chairing and representing local sports  associations.