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2013 / NO.1
2013 / NO.1
“Macao Youth Academy” Selection Day

Since 2003, the Sport Development Board has been working with several sports  associations in establishing the Macao Youth Football Academy, the Macao Youth Tennis Academy, the Macao Bowling Youth Academy and the Macao Table Tennis Youth Academy for training more young athletes, promoting the development of competitive sports and encouraging the youngsters to take part in sports activities. Every year on their recruitment and selection days, these academies single out potential students for their systematic training programs, aim at providing new blood in contribution to Macao’s sports development and at fostering sports reserve talents.

The Sport Development Board, which continues promoting and developing relevant sports activities by building the aforesaid academics with the sports associations, intends to enrich the youngsters’ after-school lives and assist the associations to enroll as well as to train potential young athletes. The mentioned academies open different classes for their students according to their ages and levels so that they can receive trainings corresponding to their own conditions. After the trainings, some of the students even joined the squad representing Macao to compete in sports events and they became the new blood of Macao’s sports circles. The Sport Development Board will keep working in the current direction to establish more sports youth academies in due time together with the sports  associations.

Below are the summaries of the youth academies established by the Sport Development Board and the  sports  associations.

The Macao Football Youth Academy, co-organized by the Macao Football Association and sponsored by the Macao Jockey Club, was foundedin 2003. It has increased the number of students from around 140 in four classes of two training groups at the beginning to more than 380 of five training groups today. Their current recruitment target is teenagers aged between 8 and 14.

In 2006, the Sport Development Board and the Macao Tennis Association establihed the Macao Tennis Youth Academy that enrolled nearly 100 teenagers aged between 7 and 18. At present, the tennis school has approximately 200 teenaged students aged 6 to 14 years in its elementary, medium, advanced and elite groups.

In 2007, the Sport Development Board and the Macao Table Tennis Association established the Macao Table Tennis Youth Academy together. The academy only had classes for children and teenagers with around 100 students. Until now the academy has children, teenager and advanced classes, and the number of students has increased to 120.

In 2011, the Sport Development Board and the Macao China Bowling Association jointly established the Macao Bowling Youth Academy. At that time, there were only  junior classes consisted of 70 young students. After two years, the bowling school  has developed a pyramid class structure under which there are junior, medium and senior classes with more than 110 students so far.