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2013 / NO.1
2013 / NO.1
Editor’s Note

“Award Ceremony of Bonuses and Certificates of Merit in Sports to Outstanding Athletes and Coaches for 2012” is a great event of the SAR Government to commend athletes and coaches for their excellent performances in sports competitions every year.   

The 2012 “Macao Sports” Photography Competition captured the athletes’ most skillful movements and passionate moments through the photographers’ camera lens. The splendid images display not only sporting spirits, but also the sports charisma, which motivate the viewers’ participation in exercising.

The youth are the future mainstay of our society and the fresh blood in the world of sports. The Macao Football Youth Academy, the Macao Tennis Youth Academy, the Macao Bowling Youth Academy and the Macao Table Tennis Youth Academy held their Recruitment and Selection Day respectively with the aims of promoting local sport development, cultivating young talents for the sport circles and strengthening the youth’s physique.

A highlight of the Spring Festival celebrations, the series of activities under the name of “Let’s Celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Snake” created a jubilant atmosphere among the public. This issue will take a look back at these joyful moments together with the readers.

This year’s “Macao Women’s Sports Carnival” drew in a large number of female teams organized by various women’s associations. It was a scene full of bustle and excitements. Let us experience together what good exercising does to our health and feel the joys of participation in sports.

Vong Iao Lek