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2012 / NO.4
2012 / NO.4
The GD/HK/MAC Youth Football Exchange

The GD/HK/MAC Youth Football Exchange, organized by the Macao Sport Development Board and assisted by the Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province, the Leisure and Cultual Services Department of HKSAR and the Macao Football Association, took place on November 3-4 at the miniature football field in the Olympic Sport Center Stadium - Multi-Purpose Zone. Several exchange games were staged by youth players from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

Since the Guangdong,  Hong Kong and Macao Sports Exchange and Cooperation Agreement was signed by the three parties in 2003, the three regions have  been committed to youth sports development. This is the sixth year since the GD/HK/MAC Youth Football Exchange Programme was first held. The organizer hoped that the youth from the three regions would learn from one another, develop a friendly spirit and build up a solid friendship on the football field.

A single round robin system was adopted in the match and the players were divided by Group A (Age 13-14) and B (Age 11-12). There were a total of 6 teams from the three regions fighting for various prizes. After  fierce compeitions, the final results are as follows: Group A: Champion- Hong Kong, First Runner-up- Guangdong, Second Runner-up-Macao and Group B: Champion- Guangdong, First Runner-up-Macao, Second Runner-up-Hong Kong.