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2012 / NO.4
2012 / NO.4
10th Guangdong - Macao Cup

For the purposes of promoting sports exchanges between Guangdong Province and Macao, and commemorating the establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region, since 2002, the Guangdong-Macao Cup, which was organized by Macao Sport Development Board and Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province and co-organized by Guangdong Football Association and Macao Football Association, has been held annually.

The Guangdong-Macao Cup took place in Macao and Guangdong Province respectively. The matches were on a home-and-away basis and this tournament further strengthened Guangdong’s and Macao’s football development.  In addition, it enabled Macao’s footballers more opportunities to play with foreign teams and promoted skills exchange and friendship.

The first-round match of the 10th Guangdong-Macao Cup took place at December 8 at Xingzhong Stadium in  Zhongshan. Having home field advantage and superior physical strength, the Guangdong team  attacked fiercely and put constant pressure on the Macao team’s goal from the left, middle and right sides. On the other side, the Macao team defended strongly and played vigorously  in hopes of achieving a breakthrough. Unfortunately, the Macao team lost to the Guangdong team by one score in both the first and the second halves, giving the opponent a 0-2 lead. The second-leg match took place in the evening of December 11 at Macao University of Science and Technology Football Field. With excellent performance, the Macao team made a 2-1 win over Guangdongon home field. However, the overall result after two rounds was 2-3 and Guangdong finally regaining the title from Macao  after 3 years. 

The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Mr. Cheong U also attended the second-leg match and shook hands with the players from both teams. Other attended guests included the President of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. Vong Iao Lek, the Vice President of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. Pun Weng Kun, the Vice Presidents of Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province, Mr. Zhao Xiaoming and Ms. Zheng Xiahong, the President of Sports and Olympic Committee of Macao, Mr. Lo Keng Chio, the President of the Macao Football Association Board, Mr. Chong Coc Veng, the Sports Council members Mr. Cheang Kuok Hang and Mr. Chan Kwan Fai.