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2012 / NO.4
2012 / NO.4
Friendly Match between the Macao Sport Development Board Invitational Team and Sports Reporters

The Macao Sport Development Board invitational team, which was composed of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Mr. Cheong U, the President of the Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. Vong Iao Lek and the Vice Presidents, Mr. José Tavares and Mr. Pun Weng Kun, the Sports Committee Member had a friendly match with the football team of the Macao Sports Press Association on November 23 at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium (Indoor Pavilion). The two parties enjoyed greatly the 3-leg match with the spirit of “Friendship First, Competition Second”. The Macao Sport Development Board invitational team gave the opponents a 4-2 lead in the first leg the ended the second leg with a 4-3 marginal lead. However, in the third leg, the Macao Sports Press Association strengthened their attacks and eventually overtook the competitors by 7-5 and converted to a win.  

In the after-match gala party, Mr. Cheong U indicated that the solidarity and collaboration of the Macao Sports Press Association provided great support for the MSAR’s sports work. He also added that the match helped both physical tranining and enhancing friendship. He hoped that the two parties can have a friendly match on football or basketball annually to strengthen health and maintain friendship. 

In the speech, the President of the Macao Sports Press Association, Mr. Ma Iao Hang stated that playing sports strengthened health and football transmitted friendship. The two parties played the game to its fullest in such a joyous atmosphere and they fully embodied the “Friendship First, Competition Second” sporting spirits throughout the game. Thus they achieved the win-win goals of exchanging skills and enhancing friendship.