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2012 / NO.4
2012 / NO.4
Music & Dance Extravaganza 2012

The Macao Sport Development Board and the Macao Dance Sport Federation jointly organized the Music & Dance Extravaganza on December 9 in Tap Seac Multi-sport Pavilion. Performers put on nearly 20 c spectacular performances and attracted  an audience of more than a thousand people to the show. 

This year, the world’s top dancers were congregated for the show in Macao. They included winners of the WDSF PD World DanceSport Championship Latin and International Amateur Champions---Zoran Phohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich from Slovenia, Italian gold medalist of the WDSF PD European DanceSport Championship Standard and IDSF World Standard Champion---Paolo Bosco and his new partner Joanne Clifton as well as French title holders of the WDSF International Open Latin in Luxemburg and Evry -- Charles-Guillaume Schmidt and Elena Salikhova. Amid their captivating performances, the virtuosos interacted with the audience in high spirits.

Moreover, well-known Hong Kong and Macao singers William So, Joyce Chang and Sean Pang alongside the youth sport and dance team of the Dance Sport Federation also participated in the show and wowed the audience with their touching music and magnificent performances.

The extravaganza has entered its 11th year since its commencement in 2001. It is marked by fabulous singing and dance performances in celebration of the establishment of Macao SAR, and brought to the  locals great visual and auditory enjoyment. From the event, residents had learnt more about dance sport while athletes, sport fans and coaches gain valuable experiences through their participation. All in all, the event helps foster Macao’s dance sport development, draws in the participation of the locals which will in turns attract wider participation in the sport.