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The Association For International Sport for All
As a leading international Sport for All organisation, the mission of the Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) is to develop Sport for All and bring joy, health, social interaction, integration and development to communities and citizens around the world via the promotion of physical activity. In addition to providing practical programmes and events, educational and relevant publications, TAFISA utilises the Internet as a platform for networking and experience sharing so that popular physical education and physical activities beneficial to people’s mental and physical health can be widely spread throughout the world.
Asian Sport for all Association
Asian Sport for all Association (ASFAA) is a regional body of TAFISA. It is primarily responsible for leading and organising Sport for All development in Asia and Oceania regions, disseminating the latest messages of Sport for All, and leading and assisting exchanges and co-operation between countries in order to promote fitness and sport for all.


  • When did Macao become a member of TAFISA and ASFAA?
    Macao became a member of TAFISA and ASFAA in 2001.
  • Events Participation
    In response to TAFISA, Macao annually hosts International Challenge Day and the event called ‘Running to Celebrate National Day and World Walking Day’. Macao organised the TAFISA Certified Leadership Course held in early 2008 and hosted the 26th ASFAA Board Meeting in early 2009. Moreover, every year Macao sends a delegation to attend annual TAFISA and ASFAA meetings.