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Physical exercise helps improve the individual's physical condition and helps prevent disease. One of the major tasks that the Sports Bureau (the 'Bureau') has set itself is the development of mass sport, the promotion of participation in physical training, and the cultivation of lifelong exercise habits among residents.

Sport for All activity is appropriate for people of different age, education and profession, including working individuals, students and homemakers. In recent years, the Bureau has made continued efforts to encourage the active participation of residents, by incorporating, for example, safety and scientific elements in various mass sporting activity, with a view to achieving physical and mental wellbeing, enriching leisure time and promoting social harmony. In addition, to enhance residents' perception and support of physical training, the Bureau strives to create a platform for the development of competitive sports, thus laying the foundation for the improvement of the standard of competitive sports in Macao.

To this end, the Bureau regularly organises various mass sports and gymnastic courses every year so that residents can physically exercise under the guidance of qualified instructors in a safe environment. The Bureau also provides check-ups for students through its auxiliary Sports Medicine Centre. In addition, the Bureau attaches great importance to Macao's Sport for All development and devotes considerable resources to this area; for example, organising large scale sports promotion campaigns. It is hoped that, per the original intention, the current volume of Sport for All activity and promotional campaigns will be expanded, while information related to Sport for All can reach the wider public, with residents from different strata of society better able to appreciate the significance of Sport for All and take the initiative to join such activities, thereby achieving the goal of enhancing the physical fitness of local residents.