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Perseverance on the Road of Gold Jia Rui’s Principle of “Zero”

From realizing his “Dream for the Gold Medal” at last year’s Asian Games in Guangzhou and thus writing a new chapter in the history of Macao in the Asian Games, to being crowned the gold medalist again in last month’s World Games, Jia Rui’s Road of Gold has seen no stopping.  After achieving each goal though, Jia Rui insists on the principle of “everything starts from zero again”.  Whether it is the World Games or the Macao Opens, Jia Rui carries the attitude of “giving and doing his best always”. These are the exact reasons for his continued success in his games.

Do not be satisfied with the Status Quo
After winning his gold at the Asian Games, Jia Rui was surrounded by joyous residents upon his triumphant return to Macao. He was also showered with congratulatory gifts and compliments from the sports world.  Jia Rui recalled, “I felt that I was on a mission when I enrolled in the Asian Games because I wanted to help make Macao’s dream for the gold medal come true, and I was elated that I completed my mission. In fact, every game is the same to me, I always do my best.” Gold at the Asian Games is history to Jia Rui now, and he keeps reminding himself to look forward into the future. He said, “The success or the failure at each game cannot be reminisced because the opponent is continuously improving himself and therefore being satisfied with or staying where you are will only give your opponent the chance to surpass you.  Once you have chosen to become an athlete, you should seek to improve yourself continuously in your sports.

The goals must be clear
“Everything starts from zero” is Jia Rui’s principle in facing his games.  When he goes out to compete, he is not full of himself and he gives his best in his performances in order to win the respect from the judges and his opponents; when he faces injury or setbacks, he never gives up and he faces all challenges with courage and determination so that he can get back on the winning track. Jia Rui said jokingly, “In reality, I like to simplify things, just like championship only means that your performance at a particular game is the best, but it is not a permanent state. At each game I look at the big picture, analyze the opponents and improve myself, so that I can get ready for the next game. Only clear-headedness and reasoning can help you improve continuously.”

A stronger sense of mission
Winning gold at the Asian Games made history for Macao and instantly increased Jia Rui’s popularity.  He is now frequently invited by different organizations to speak at seminars and share with the youth his own personal experiences as an experienced and successful athlete.  Jia Rui said frankly, “Being the focus in the public’s eyes does not create pressure for me, not only that, in fact, it gives me a stronger sense of mission because I do not just represent myself now but I feel that I must present a good image for the sake of the delegation, and for the impression of the world on the Wushu (Chinese martial arts) standards in Macao. And therefore, I must do my part well.”

Giving back to the sports world of Macao
Macao’s Wushu world is blessed to have 24-year-old Jia Rui as the new leader for competing in international games together with his younger teammates.  Not only does he have to lead by example through accomplishing goals that were set by the coach, but he also has to be the role model that the young athletes aspire to. Jia Rui said, “Being an example for young athletes, I cannot make any mistakes because they will see them and I have the responsibility to complete the goals set by the coach.  When the younger martial artists see my positive behavior, they will recognize and form a good tradition to follow and pass down to the next generation.

Will continue to fight for the glory of Macao
Jia Rui has had professional training before and therefore he has got solid Wushu foundations. He has teamed up with Macao athletes in competitions for 8 years now and he compliments that his Macao teammates have great perseverance and passion for sports, and he admits that he has formed great friendships with the team.

Training the youngsters
After having realized the dreams for gold in the Macao opens and the Asian Games, Jia Rui hopes that he can return to the campus at the end of the year, to earn his Master’s degree and enrich his knowledge and education. In addition, Jia Rui has begun some work in coaching.  He has coached four- and five-year-old youngsters, and through the coaching he has gained a better understanding of the essence of each basic move. Jia Rui believes that since he must know each move very well before he can teach it to the youngsters, the coaching is beneficial to him also to a certain extent.  Jia Rui loves the sport of Wushu and would like to continue to develop in this field.  He would like to repay the Macao Wushu field by teaching the next generation what he has learned and experienced, when he retires as an athlete.  He wants to become a coach then and help Macao nurture a generation of champions.

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