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2010 / NO.4
2010 / NO.4
2010 Sport and All Fitness and Recreation Classes

To complement the administrative policy of Macao SAR Government, the Sport Development Board continued to work on promoting the bi-monthly Sport for All Fitness and Recreation Classes to the general public. In order to meet various needs of the public, activities of the interest classes became much more diverse. On average, more than 8,000 people would be accommodated for each phase so as to encourage people’s continuous participations in sports.

The registration process of the classes in 2010 was adjusted and consummated according to the actual situation. It was carried out in three steps: register, ballot and sign up. Students who had participated in the previous phase of a class with attendance rate of 90% or higher, or senior citizens with age of 65 or above, could directly apply for automatic renewal through their instructors.

In this year, number of activities, type of classes and number of participants had shown different levels of increase. Regarding the number of activities and type of classes, the figures of 45 activities and 286 classes included in the first phase was increased to 50 items and 318 classes in the fifth phase, up by 11% respectively. And in terms of number of participants, the figure of 6,846 students enrolled in the first phase was increased to 7,831 for the fifth phase; with a growth rate of 14%. The numbers of male and female participants had increased by 23% and 13% respectively. Among the participants, the youngest was 4 years old whereas the oldest was over 60. The total number of participants of the year amounted to 43,524, up by 17% year to year.; whereas the total number of classes included in 2011 was 1,821, up by 23% year to year.

Sport for All Fitness and Recreation Classes included aquatic sports such as aqua aerobics, hydro-fitness, swimming, swimming for the beginners, swimming for kids and synchronized swimming; Dance activities included aerobic dance, step  aerobics, boxing aerobic, dance sport, Latin dance, jazz dance, line dance and line dance for kids. Classes on offer also included ball games, such as badminton, gate ball, cricket, mini basketball, tennis, squash and bowling. Other classes included were Tai Chi class, yoga and yoga for kids, gymnastics for kids, fitness exercise with equipment, rhythmic gymnastics for young kids, martial arts for kids, artistic cycling, figure skating, “Go” chess, and Xianqi. Advanced classes were introduced for some activities and Parent-child classes were designed to strengthen relationship between parents and children. In addition, development activities such as badminton classes for the disabled, mentally handicapped and hearing impaired, and swimming classes for the mentally handicapped and hearing impaired were organized so as to create a harmonious sports environment for the healthy and the disabled.