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2010 / NO.4
2010 / NO.4
The Inauguration ASFAA Training Centre, the 1st ASFAA training courses, ASFAA and TAFISA Executive Committee Meeting

Entrusted by Asiania Sport for All Association (ASFAA), the ASFAA Training Center was established in Sport Training Centre on 1st November. The opening ceremony was presided by Celia Cheong Sou Mui, the representative of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Feng Jianzhong, the President of ASFAA, Kang-Too Lee, the President of Trim & Fitness International Sport for All Association (TAFISA) and Vong Iao Lek, the President of Macao Sport Development Board.

With the inauguration of the training centre, it provides a base for conducting training for personnel involved in  sport for all activities in the Asia Pacific Region. Also, it forms a platform for the exchange of information and experiences, benefiting the development of sport for all in the Asia Pacific Region, allowing, the advanced experiences in Asia and the  world to be shared in Macao.

Coincided with the  opening of the ASFAA Training Centre, the 1st 2-day ASFAA training course was also held. Many experts and scholars were invited to share the latest information and news in the field of Sport for All with students from all over the world.

Moreover, ASFAA and TAFISA both held their executive committee meetings in Macao respectively. As a member of ASFAA, the success conduct of the meetings in Macao, symbolizes the support of these two international sports organization to the development of sport for all in Macao and in the region.

TAFISA also presented the Innovation Award to Macao Sport Development Board as recognition for its achievement in development and promotion of sport for all.