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2010 / NO.4
2010 / NO.4
2010 Fall “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition

The culture of “Free Sports Ground” is deeply ingrained in Macao since long before. In every community, there are many fans who like to go to the free sports ground. These fans, from teenagers to the middle or old aged, enjoy going there and have a game with their friends. Since the launch of the “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition, the responses were overwhelming and attracted many local residents from every community to participate.

The 2010 Fall “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition, which was organized by Macao Sport Development Board and Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM), was held from 10th October to 7th November with 4 consecutive Sundays in each free sports ground of its community by turn for district contest. The final round was held on 7th November at the 3-a-side basketball court and the  basketball court of Multi-purpose Zone of the Olympic Sports Centre. The competition included 3-a-side basketball matches for men and women, 3-a-side football matches for men, and matches for individual skills on football and basketball. A total of 2,280 participants took part in the 5-week competition and participates of each events were as follows: Men 3-a -side basketball: 1,168; Women 3-a-side basketball: 212; 3-a-side Football: 600; Individual skills on football and basketball: 300. The competition was highly supported by ball games fans and many local residents were also attracted to watch the games.

General Results



Participating Teams








10th Oct




Weng Ning Free Sports Ground 

17th Oct




Free Sports Ground at Canal dos Patos

24th Oct




A-Ma Free Sports Ground

31st Oct




Free Sports Ground at Areia Preta


7th Nov




Olympic Sports Centre - 3-a-side basketball court and the outdoor basketball court