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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes (4th Phase)

In response to the MSAR Government’s policy objectives in positively promoting sport for all, the Macao Sport Development Board has organised a wide range of Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes catering to the needs of different people, and continued updating its activity contents for more comprehensive coverage.

The two-month gymnastic classes include the following activities: i) Aquatics: aqua aerobics, hydro-fitness, swimming for beginners, swimming for kids, and synchronised swimming.

ii) Dance: group aerobics, aerobic exercses, step aerobics, kickboxing aerobics, dance sport, Latin dance, jazz dance, line dance, and line dance for kids.

iii) Ball games: badminton, gateball, cricket, mini-basketball, tennis, squash and bowling.。

iv) Taijiquan classes, yoga and yoga for kids.

v) Gymnastics for kids and others: fitness exercises with equipment, rhythmic gymnastics for young kids, martial arts for kids, artistic cycling, figure skating, Go chess, Xianqi, and Qigong exercise.

vi) Three recently launched activities: water jogging, Rouliqiu and square dance, suitable for people aged 14 and above.

Advanced classes are available for some activities. All family classes are designed to strengthen relationships between parents and children. Potential development activities including badminton classes for the disabled, mentally handicapped, or hearing impaired, and swimming classes for the hearing impaired are also available. All activities will offer more than 7,700 enrolment quotas.

Gymnastic classes are offered to people aged four and above. All classes run throughout the day between 7:00am and 10:30pm. Each session ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Interested residents may choose their sport activities according to their schedule.

The same application procedures apply to the 4th Phase of Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes scheduled for July and August- registration, ballot, application and enrolment. Participants aged 65 and above who have previously attended classes with an attendance of 90% or above can process their application directly through their instructors. Others must follow the procedures stated above and process their applications with their ‘Sport Easy’ membership cards.