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2019 / NO.4
2019 / NO.4
Richard Verschoor Crowned the Champion in F3 in his First Race in Circuito da Guia

The 66th Macao Grand Prix was held from November 14 to 17. Richard Verschoor, a racer from the Netherlands who competed in Macao for the first time, defeated Vips, a popular car-racer from Estonia and won the world cup champion title in the FIA Formula Three. Sargeant from the United States won the third place.

In the Formula Three event, the finale of the championship, Vips kept leading since the event began. As he drove into Lisboa Band, Verschoor endeavored to catch up from the second place. As they finished the first lap, Vips, who was only 2 seconds ahead of Verschoor, lost all his edge over his opponent in an accident, during which a safety car was sent. Then the race resumed from the eighth lap. Verschoor passed Vips at Lisboa Bend and came to the first place After that, Vips kept approaching Verschoor in the 11th lap at Lisboa Bend and had no chance of surpassing his opponent. Keeping his edge over Vips, Verschoor became the first one crossing the finishing line and won the champion title as he competed for the first time. Vips was the runner-up, while Sargeant ranked the third.

Raffaele Marcelo Crowned the Champion with Perfect Performance

In terms of other events, Marcelo, who drove the Heiwa AMG GT3, won the champion title of the FIA GT securely. Although Raffaele Marcelo was squeezed by Laurens Vanthoor and Earl Bamber, who were driving Porsche, he had almost perfect performance during the race and kept his edge until he became the champion. Bamber, who had been seeking a chance of surpassing Marcelo but failed to do so. Eventually, Bamber's teammate Vanthoor became the runner-up, while Bamber ranked the third.

With regards to the first race of Macau Grand Prix - FIA Touring Car World Cup, Yvan Muller won the champion title despite the challenges he faced. Michelisz was the runner-up, while Ceccon was the second runner-up. In the second race, Yvan Muller, who began at the fifth position, kept being ahead of his teammate Bjrk and won the champion title again after the first race. Bjrk was in the second place, while Ceccon ranked the third. In the third race, Priaulx, who had won the champion title twice in the FIA World Touring Car Championship Macao event, surpassed Huth, who was the first leading one in the early stage fo the race. Huth then kept trying to catch up with Priaulx but Priaulx still won the champion title eventually. Huth ranked the second, while Vernay ranked the third.

In the Greater Bay Area GT event, Che Weng Kin from Macao, China sustained his edge in the first position and won the champion title, setting the overall fastest record of 2 minutes 35 seconds 16. Philip Kadoorie from Hong Kong, China became the runner-up, while Chang Wei from Chinese Taipei ranked the third.

Michael Rutter's Dramatic Victory

The 53rd Grand Prix Motorcycle Event was interrupted twice with a red flag. After the meeting of the arbitration team, it was eventually decided that the results in the second section were the final ones. Michael Rutter was announced to become the champion, becoming the“King of Nine Champions”unexpectedly. Peter Hickman, who was the champion last year, became the runner-up, while David Johnson ranked the third.

The Macau Touring Car Cup had two categories: above-1950cc and 1600cc turbocharged. As accidents happened frequently, safety cars were sent three times to lead the way. Hong Kong racer Poon Tak Chun Paul, which started with a pole, eventually won the overall champion and champion in the 1600cc event. His teammate, Fong Ka Chu was the runner-up. Macao racer Felipe de Souza won the overall third place and champion in the above-1500 cc event. In the above-1500 cc event, the best three racers were Souza, Leong Ian Weng and Luciano Castilho Lameiras. The best three racers in the 1600cc event were Poon Tak Chun Paul, Fung Alexander Kar Chue and Chan Weng Tong.