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2019 / NO.4
2019 / NO.4
Li Yi Won Two Golds in the World Championships

The 15th World Wushu Championships, held by the International Wushu Federation and undertaken by the Chinese Wushu Association, took place in Shanghai from October 19 to 23. Macao Wushu team won 2 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronzes, ranking the 5th with 12 medals. Team China won 16 medals including 14 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze, ranking the first place.

This year, there were 1100 athletes, coaches and referees from 102 countries and regions joining this event. Events included Taolu and Sanda and 44 golds were awarded. Macao Wushu team, led by the Taolu coach Iao Chon In and Sanda coach Wang Chuan Le, sent Taolu athletes including Huang Jun Hua, Wu Lok In, Chio Wai Keong, Song Chi Kuan, Cheong Pui Seng, Li Yi, Ho Pui Kei, Sou Cho Man, and Sanda athletes Chan Kin Hou, Kan Kai Wa and Cai Fei Long. Eleven athletes in total participated in the competition.

The opening ceremony of the competition was held at Shanghai Oriental Sports Centre in the evening of the 19th. On the first day, the 20 th, Macao team started with good results. Li Yi, who won a gold medal in The Universiade and a silver medal in the Asian Games in the past two years, set another milestone in her career and actualized her dream of being the champion in the world. She defeated contestants from Vietnam and South Korea in the Women's Jianshu event with 9.620 points, winning the first gold for Macao in the championships. After that, she had great achievements in the Women's Qiangshu event, defeating contestants from Vietnam and Ukraine with 9.636 points and winning the second gold. She also got a high score 9.646 points in the Women's Changquan event, but she lost to Guo Mengjiao from China by a margin of 0.05 points, winning a silver medal. She won 2 golds and 1 silver in total.

Other athletes also performed excellently, as they won successively. Cheong Pui Seng, who participated in the World Championships on behalf of Macao for the third time, got 9.343 points in the men's Xingyiquan event, winning another silver since the last year's championships. Later, he won another silver for Macao in the Men's Taichijian with 9.633 points. Huang Jun Hua, who still competed despite his injury, got 9.670 points this year, but he still lost to a contestant from Chinese Taipei by a margin of 0.003 points, becoming the runner-up. He won another bronze in the Men's Nanquan event with 9.716 points. Sou Cho Man ranked the second in the Women's Shuangjian event with 9.176 points.

Other four bronzes were gained by Song Chi Kuan in the men's sword and spear events, Chio Wai Keong in the Men's Shuangdao events and Cai Fei Long in the men's 75-kg Sanda event. In addition, Ho Pui Kei ranked the fourth in the Women's Baguazhang. Wu Nok In ranked the 9th in the Men's Changquan with 9.59 points.