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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
Macao Badminton Team Performed Well in Sudirman Cup

The“Sudirman Cup 2019”was held from May 20 to 26 in Nanning, Guangxi Province. The Macao badminton team sent four male and five female athletes to take part in the Level 4 event. Eventually, they won 5:0 and 3:2 respectively over Greenland and Kazakhstan, winning the champion title historically in the Level 4 event of the Sudirman Cup.

The Macao badminton team sent nine athletes: Pui Pang Fong, Lam Chi Man, Leong Kin Fai, Ng Chi Chong, Ng Weng Chi, Gong Xue Xin, Ao I Kuan, Kuan Chi Leng and Pui Chi Wa to compete in the Level 4 event of the Sudirman Cup. In the first match, Macao won 5:0 against Greenland and got a landslide victory. Macao was qualified to compete in the final.

The match which decided the champion in Level 4 event, where Macao competed against Kazakhstan, took place on the 23rd. The first combination to compete was the mixed team Ng Chi Chong / Kuan Chi Leng, who got Macao's first victories in the two consecutive matches. Subsequently, Pui Pang Fong lost 1:2 in the men's singles. In the third match of the women's singles, Pui Chi Wa, aged 14, won 2:0, helping Macao team to lead 2:1. In the men's doubles, Lam Chi Man, who partnered Leong Kin Fai, tied at 1:1 when they had lost a match. In the third match, regrettably, they lost their edge to Kazakhstan with the total score 1:2.

In the decisive fifth match, the women's doubles team Ng Weng Chi / Kong Hok Ian played a vital role. They won 21:19 in the first match and then won another match with 21:7. Macao team won 21:7 against Kazakhstan. Macao team finally won 3:2 against Kazakhstan overall and won the first champion in Level 4 event in the Sudirman Cup.