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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
Iao Kuan Un Becomes the Fastest Runner in the Second Race in the Long Distance League

Iao Kuan Un performed in his best condition in the second race in the Long Distance League held on May 12. He completed the entire 8-kilometer race within 21 minutes 59 seconds, which was the shortest finishing time recorded in the whole event. He won the champion in the men's middle-age group. The best result in the women's group was achieved by Ng Ieong Ieong, who won the champion in the open group after the first race.

The event was composed of 19 events involving both men's and women's group. It attracted more than 1000 runners. The eight-kilometer race started from Sai Van Lake Square, went through Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and retraced at the Science Centre. Then runners proceeded towards Avenida da República in Sai Van and turned to Rua de S. Tiago da Barra. Finally, they crossed the finishing line in Sai Van Lake Square. In the beginning section, Iao Kuan Un was chased closely by the runners from the men's youth group and open group, but after they passed by Macao Tower and turned to the fire service bureau, Iao Kuan Un kept leading, maintaining a half-a-minute distance from other runners. Iao Kuan Un, who was almost unchallenged throughout the race, did his utmost to finish the race, winning the champion in the middle-age group with the result of 21 minutes 59 seconds. He was also the fastest runner in the whole event. Ip Seng Tou, who crossed the finishing line in 23 minutes, which was the second shortest finishing time, won the champion in the men's youth group.

In the women's open group, Ng Ieong Ieong, who represented the Public Security Force, finished the race in 26 minutes 30 seconds, defeating Wong San San with a 3-minute margin. She won the champion in two consecutive races. The champion title in the men's open group was obtained by Chan Kai Un, while Kuok Chi Wai and Im Man Fu won the second and third place respectively.