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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Building up Confidence in Fancy Cycling - Ho I Teng

  As Macao's sports field keeps developing, more and more sports events have become popular. In many of these events, brilliant results have been achieved in championships. They can even make it to the awarding podiums in the Asian Championships and World Championships. Apart from the events in which Macao performs well such as martial arts or karate, in fact in the fancy cycling event Macao also has glorious achievements in the sports field. So far, a group of youths have been making efforts to inherit this history. Ho I Teng, at the age of 13, has become a gold-medalist in the fancy cycling event in the Asian Championships, and is a new star drawing lots of attention in recent years.

  Athletes' skills and bravery are the requirements in fancy cycling. Since the movements are extremely difficult, mistakes seem unavoidable during practice. Athletes need to have a good mentality and the perseverance in contests, and they should be able to exert themselves despite failure. However, Ho I Teng, who learned about fancy cycling at the age of eight, held optimistic attitudes when facing challenges. "My elder sister, Ho I Lam, had started engaging in this event before me. Later, I also learned about fancy cycling in the summer activities. I thought that it was fun and very challenging. Gradually I became fond of this type of sports" .

  Ho I Teng, who is physically tall, has participated in many large-scale competitions over the mere five years, since she was admitted to the Macao Youth Teams. Her experience in these competitions makes her grow rapidly, "I competed in the Asian Championships, inter-port championships, and so on, and I've once won the champion in the U13 Single Fancy Cycling in the Asian Championships held in Macao in 2015. But the most unforgettable among all is the moment when I became the first runner-up only in the Asian Championships last year. The defeat in the championships made me aware that I was too nervous during the competitions and I could not perform as well as I usually did."

  To get a good result, Ho I Teng spent most of her spare time on training, which was never an easy thing for a youngster who likes to have fun. Ho I Teng has learned "no pain, no gain". As she was sacrificing her time she gained even more, "Fancy cycling brought about many pleasurable things to me. My coach and teammates stood by me all along, and I also became more confident since I won the prize. That made me different."

  At the end of 2017, Ho I Teng set a new Macao record in the women's U15 in the Hong Kong - Macao Inter-port Championships. She admitted that this was the goal she had been pursuing, "I hope that my result in each competition is better than the former one."  Exactly because of this self-demanding attitude, she was selected one of the best 10 outstanding young Macao athletes this year. She admitted, “I'm very glad that I'm recognized in the sports field. That gave me confidence and made me recognize my abilities as well. I will insist on doing my best and live up to my coach's expectation" .