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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Macao Football Team performs unprecedentedly well in Asian Cup

  The Macao Football Team competed in two matches in the third qualifier of the Asian Cup on 11th October and 14th November. Although they lost to India and Kyrgyzstan by 4 to 1 and 4 to 3 respectively, the Macao Football Team achieved breakthroughs in both matches, which were well recognized by their fans. It was glorious despite their defeats. 

  After the Macao Football Team, as the home team, lost to India by 0:2 in September, they competed, as the visiting team, on 11th October against India. The match took place under heavy rain. The Macao Football Team attempted to counter-attack based on their stable defense performing offensively during the first 15 minutes. However, 28 minutes later, India reversed the situation when it shot against Lam Ngai Tong by chance in the penalty area. The goalkeeper Ho Man Fai tried to save the team but failed. Having lagged behind, Lei Ka Hou from the Macao Team passed the ball to the middle from the right and Almeida shot it to the goal on India's side by a headshot 8 minutes before the end of the first half scoring for the first time in the third qualifier of the Asian Cup on behalf of the Macao Football Team unprecedentedly. Meanwhile, they also stopped India from setting the record of yielding no goal in the group matches. However, sadly the Macao Team lost 3 goals consecutively in the second half and was defeated by 1:4 eventually.

  On 14th November, the Macao Football Team as the home team competed against Kyrgyzstan and performed unprecedentedly well with the support of their 350 fans. Having lagged behind by 3 goals, they struggled hard with Kyrgyzstan in the last 25 minutes of the match and scored with Chan Pak Chun's penalty kick, Almeida's twelve-yard-kick, and Fernández's near post shot. However, sadly the team still lost by 3:4. Chan Pak Chun, who scored for the first time in the Asian Cup on behalf of Macao, stated “To sum up the three home matches, the support from our fans is very memorable for us. I'm very glad that our fans witnessed my continuous progress”.