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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Autumn - a favourable season for exercise

Since the climate in autumn is always clear and refreshing, autumn is the most favourable season for mountaineering. It has been a custom that people go hiking in autumn since the ancient times. Do you know the reasons for that?
The most comfortable season in the whole year is autumn due to its relatively low temperature and humidity, unlike the hot weather in summer. Lots of people are willing to go outdoors in autumn, during which people consume approximately 20% more energy when exercising than in summer. Furthermore, people feel more comfortable when exercising in autumn. Thus, many people prefer exercising to enhance their fitness in this season where the temperature is favourable. Exercising in autumn does not only strengthen the immunity of our bodies, but it can also enhance our ability to resist coldness, so as to keep us healthy during winter.
In autumn, it is more suitable to practice moderate aerobic exercises such as mountaineering, hiking and jogging. Mountaineering is a type of climbing exercise. When the height increases within a certain range, the proportions of hydrogen and negative oxygen ions in the atmosphere are also higher. Moreover, a lower atmospheric pressure can facilitate the occurrence of change in physiological functions. For example, it helps improving our heart and lung functions and active joints, and speeding up our blood circulation. In addition, when we go hiking in autumn, the gradual change in temperature helps the temperature regulation mechanism of human bodies to remain active, and thus helps enhance our bodies' capability of adopting to changes in the environment. Moreover, stretching movements can also help get rid of bad moods in our mind, playing a positive role in relieving emotions associated with depression. Other types of exercises such as ball games and running are also suitable options for exercising in autumn. We may even go swimming when the water temperature is not too low.
However, the weather in autumn is relatively dry. We should be aware of the need to stay hydrated after exercising. When our skin is dry, we should also be aware of the importance of moisturizing, so as to lower the chance of being scratched when we engage in physical activities. In addition, the difference in bodily temperature is relatively large between the time before exercising and after exercising. Thus, we should wipe our sweat off and change our clothes into dry ones to avoid catching a cold.